Avant Yarde

The Avant Yarde is located in a four-story private artists' residence in the landmarked area of Brownstone Brooklyn. The site hosts artist salons, art potlatches, and commissions and installs temporary sculptures throughout the year. Avant Yarde proposes an alternative to the traditional performance and gallery space, attempting to position the exchange and experience of art outside the confines of the market while also examining conventional notions of public and private space within the community.

Curators: Russell Busch, Nick Fracaro, Gabriele Schafer

Avant Yarde, located at 214 Dean Street, Brooklyn, accepts proposals for installations and sculptures on an ongoing basis. Write to avantyarde@intlculturelab.org

Past Events

FEBRUARY 2010 Be My Valentine
A staged reading of George Hunka's play What She Knew performed by Gabriele Schafer along with two short performance pieces created and performed by Fulya Peker and Irem Calikusu.

AUGUST 2008 Eat, meet, and greet
Potluck bbq followed by new works by author TravSD (Elk Milk, or Custer Wore an Arrow Shirt) and dancer Katherine Adamenko (Sea / Herself: The (De)volution of a Beauty Queen)

JULY 2008 She, and the Empty Living Room
Short play with actors who have lived and worked with our good friends from the South, the nomadic Argentine theatre group Willaldea.

MAY 2007 Fudge the Pimp: Part Deux
The kids stole the attention at the early show of this event, sending the inflatable George Bush for a ride.

JANUARY 2007 Fudge the Pimp
At the first event everyone was asking about its title. Is Fudge a noun -- a person, place, or thing? Or is it a verb -- synonyms being fib, cheat, and dupe? Or is it both?


June 2016 - June 2018
Zebie and Friends -- Serial
by Avant Yarde Curators


October - December 2014
Caw Box
by Nick Fracaro


JUNE 2011 - August 2014
The Blue Planet
by Walter Rossi

SUMMER 2009 - FALL 2010
The Spencer Series
by Avant Yarde Curators

Big New Fountain by Charles Goldman (photos)

The Boat
by Jason Gandy